Business Computer Services

Westnet Technology Group provides a full service program for a small business. With twenty years’ experience in the field, Westnet can provide a range of services for your small business to have your own “IT Department” without the costs associated with hiring a full time employee.  Below is a short list of services that we provide. If there is something you don’t see, just call and ask to see if we cover that service or problem that you may have. Call us now and if you would like some referrals, we will be glad to provide you with them.

All of our services are either by hour, per project, or monthly maintenance programs. We know that every company has different wants and needs.

 Computer & Server Repair

Westnet provides fast and reliable service to fix your server and or computers in your office. No matter what the problem is we’ll come and fix it.

Google Apps for Business – Setup & Migration

Westnet can setup and migrate your company to Google Apps. If you host your own email server such as Microsoft Exchange and are tired of the increased amount of downtime of your email and paying someone to constantly fix your server? Think about moving to Google Apps. This is a “cloud” based email system that will decrease your downtime and increase your employee’s productivity. This is a cost effective alternative to hosting your own email. Call Westnet and we can discuss the benefits and what it would take to get your company on Google Apps.

 Backup & Recovery

Did your computer just die, and you did not have any backup? You need the data recovered on the hard drive? Call Westnet and we can most likely recover your data and repair your computer. We have multiple solutions for backup of data locally within your office and also “cloud” based solutions for long term storage of your important company data.

 Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal

Is your computer moving a t a snail’s pace? Do you have popups constantly? Call Westnet and we can remove all types of viruses, Malware, Spyware from your system. We will show you how to help you prevent this from happening in the future.

 Network Setup & Maintenance

Do you have a small network setup in your office? Do you want someone to setup a network in your office? Westnet can provide any type of network that you would like. Let us come in and provide a free analysis of business processes and then we can suggest the best and most simple options available for your business.

 Office Setups & Moves

Are you planning on moving your office soon? Are you planning on opening a new office? Call Westnet and we would be happy to look at your proposed new office space and let you know exactly what you will need in order to setup your network. A little planning up front will save you money in the long run. We will setup your entire network (Printers, Routers, Computers, Internet Connection, Servers, etc…)