Residential Computer Services

WestNet Technology Group provides twenty years of experience with home computer repair, laptop repair, and other related services for your home or small home office environment. CALL NOW  (503-342-6439)

Is your laptop so slow you could scream?

We provide services such as:

  1. Transferring data from an old computer to a new one.
  2. Computer repair such as replacing or upgrading hardware.
  3. Are you infested with Viruses? We clean them!
  4. Computer does not boot.
  5. Is your computer running really slow! Let us speed it up.
  6. Setting up home networks, so you can share information (files, pictures, music) to   other computers in the home.
  7. Setting up wireless networks in the home. Setting up security for your wireless network so no one else can share your internet connection (such as your neighbors) , or have others get into your computer and steal your valuable information (hackers).
  8. Resolving printer problems. If you can’t print, call us and we will fix the problem.
  9. Backup and recovery services. Do you have a computer that crashed, and need the data recovered? We can take care of that!

This is just a small list of services we provide for your computer or laptop.  Just CALL NOW  (503-342-6439)  for a quick quote and we will come to the rescue!